I am Sally S. Cherry, MT(ASCP) aka “Chief Silo Buster” within Cherry Network. This role reflects one of my major passion… “silo busting“.  Although “silo busting” may have a different meaning within different populations, the Cherry Network team defines it as “the reduction (or elimination) of barriers blocking bi-directional communication; information-sharing; mission-driven networking; and community building”.

So now, you may asked… “What is “Cherry Network?” Well, it is a diverse network of interest-driven websites, social networking sites, connections and resource links created and maintained by yours truly, Sally S. Cherry. Cherry Network was inspired by my vision… “Create; Connect; Communicate; Collaborate for Community”, the collaborative sharing of data, content, information, connections, and resources within real life, online and 3D immersive virtual world communities”. Through Cherry Network, I am actively engaged in network weaving, social networking, and capacity building to help break down barriers that hinders productivity within various communities of interest. My role as a “silo buster is to identify barriers blocking the flow of information and to bridge the communication gap between designated parties! While Cherry Network was established as an information and resource exchange, the role of Chief Silo Buster was inspired by the concept that creatingconnecting, communicating, and collaborating are essential building a functional and sustainable “community“.

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 “Silo Busting is what I do… I am a Chief Silo Buster!”