When face to face connections are not possible, other communication channels must be utilized for tasks such as introductions, meetings or discussions. When location (or time) hinders face to face connections, the silo buster must connect people through remote, online or virtual platforms such as group calls; email; social media; social networking; and virtual worlds. An effective communication channel empowers the silo buster to connect people in order to conduct introductions, meetings and discussions regardless of any location or time restraints. Various networking tools in the Chief Silo Buster’s Social Media Toolbox may be used to connect people with mutual interests. A Facebook Business Page is an excellent networking tool for reaching a targeted audience; connecting people; starting a “conversation”; and sharing information.

Network Weaver 01 PXB

Indeed connecting people employs the power of network weaving. In the role as a network weaver, the silo buster connects individuals (or groups); helps them to stay connected within the new or established social (or professional) networks; and encourages collaboration within the networks. Thus, fostering a productive community.

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