While the term “silo” is being used as a metaphor, it is not an actual silo. Within Cherry Network, the term “silo” represents the state of being unconnected (or unaware of) other individuals or groups with similar interests, missions, or causes. A silo buster helps to eliminate the gap between the separate parties by serving as a bridge that connects them. A first step would be to create a physical, online or virtual-based environment to reach and introduce the unconnected parties.

When face to face introductions are not possible, the use of relevant social media platforms especially social networking (i.e. Facebook, Mastodon, Tumblr) are ideal to introduce individuals or groups to each other. For example, “Baltimore Networker Exchange“, a Facebook Business page and its companion blog, Baltimore Networker eXchange were created for individuals interested in Baltimore, MD and the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) region. They feature a diverse selection of people, places, organizations, events and activities within Baltimore, MD and the DMV region.

Resources of Interest